Thursday, January 28, 2016

2015 in a whirlwind view

Several times through out the last year I had hoped to post very informative posts about our lives. I took the appropriate amount of photos in order to illustrate how "exciting" our year was. When ever I got to writing something, another note worthy thing happened, and now we're in 2016 and I feel I should finish one thing to start another.

2015 was our first full year being married. It was full of joy, excitement, and it had its fair share of stress and disappointments. Here are a couple of the major highlights!

Highlight #1
Reagan and I were Sealed in July this past year at the St George Temple. We got to spend time with both of our families  and a few great friends, it was the perfect relaxing weekend. What started as a normal warm summer weekend, then turned into an overcast and rainy one as soon as we went into the temple. It was actually a blessing, it was cool enough to bare being outside in the southern Utah summer. The appropriate use of umbrellas and a skilled photographers eye captured the beautiful moment in time. you can't even tell that the back of my dress was soaked through at one point.

Highlight #2
When we got married we were given an awesome opportunity to live in a teeny tiny little house and take care of a church owned ballpark. Upon agreeing to live there, a little rumor started circulating that we would have an addition put onto our little studio, making it more spacious and livable.

I'm just going to tell you I know there is a campaign out there right now where people are saying sell your house and move out to the country and live tiny mortgage free... This life style is not for people who are any of the following: SOCIAL, people who have full closets of clothing, people who have belongings that would be stored for 11 months out of the year i.e. holiday decorations, people who have hobbies, people who like stretching out. people who have any level of distaste towards clutter.

It was a hard life! we had a substantial storage area behind our house and it was still difficult for us to live in such small quarters. Every day it seemed like I was moving one stack of organized clutter into a different corner to make room for a different stack. We attempted to put time into hobbies like leather working or attempting to throw dinner parties, it would just create so much anxiety. Every inch of wall was covered in some form of storage it felt like. We put an extra closet on one of the walls so that I could have a place to put my very humble wardrobe. The saying "the walls were closing in on me" fit our life to a "T".

So imagine my relief when one day almost a year after we were married and living in small quarters I heard heavy machinery behind my house I peaked out our one way window(thankfully Reagan put a film on our window to appear black from the outside, it lets me creep on people.) they had finally begun the building process.  It took them about 3 months to complete it but boy it gave us hope that we might be able to stay here a little longer. I can't fully describe all of the emotions I felt when the room was completed, but let me just say relaxed was the strongest one. I finally had a place to separate working home area and relaxing bedroom area. They suggested we pick our own paint colors and do the painting ourselves which would save a little cost. Painting was a little bit of a tease  because it was still another week until we got to officially move in. Reagan is such a wiz with computers, he worked on a program and mapped out our exact bedroom measurements making it so that we could virtually play around with our furniture and find the best set up. So the process of moving everything was very swift. If I've never mentioned it before and if I never mention it again, here it is now in writing I am so grateful from Reagan for many things but thinking back on this I think that saved me lots of un necessary moving of furniture and stress.  

Here is a before panoramic photo take note of the DARK taupe color on the walls. not ideal for such a small space. 

Below is the framing work

2nd Bathroom and a sizable closet were included

And finally the completed product 

Short people couches

Living room with a brighter color

This little cabinet was a minor necessity, as you can imagine with the small space meant there was little storage in the kitchen, once we removed the Bookshelf and dresser clogging up this area I found this cute gem and it has provided invaluable storage and extra counter space. 

A Secondary Bathroom:
 now we certainly didn't need another bathroom but the foot print on this one makes so much more sense in comparison to what I could call the "Galley" bathroom that was the original bathroom. 

the bedroom is about two feet lower then the main portion of the house,  and we knew they would have to put stairs down into it. The people who planned the room out are clearly more skilled and know more then we do because they put this small pony wall in which seemed like a waste of floor space to us, however it gives the perfect amount of privacy to our room while also giving us more wall space to place a bookshelf against. It really has great flow.

The front room/Kitchen

It was an adventure to say the least but we are perfectly happy in our little cottage now. I have been able to entertain again, dinner parties and what not and My closet isn't an open shelving unit in my living room any more. I don't know where our lives will take us, but I am always going to cherish these early days with Reagan when we really had to get used to breathing each others air and still love one another at the end of the day. 

Sort of Highlight #3
We got our coffee table from my sister when she decided to ditch us in AZ. I loved the shape of the table I just didn't love the stain bare natural color. Deciding to try my hand at wood working in the most elementary way, fumbling in some places and succeeding in others I really liked the end result. This Oak table did not seem to like the stain being used, even against doing everything every online tutorial suggested be done. Since I was doing it out side the natural sunlight really seemed to bleach out the color when I would look at it. Finally after a 4th coat I was calling it good enough for now because another bout of rainy day's were coming. (Tucson had a very wet Fall, I probably wouldn't have noticed if It hadn't been for the fact that I WANTED to do something out side that would take a few dry days in a row). Against what I felt was my better judgment I placed the table inside and once it was on my rug and blending with its surroundings it felt like it belonged. 

Highlight #4
We became cat people. The transition for Reagan wasn't nearly as dramatic as it was for me. I only ever had one cat. His name was Sparticus,  he was disinterested in me so I was equally disinterested in him and all cats from then on. 
Last year after a few pleading phone calls we agreed to help out a friend be a TEMPORARY placement for a cat that was promised to be "Sweet, and loving" (PAH! cats aren't sweet at loving). I was that person that really did not care for cats. Also I have a slight allergy. 

Again against what I thought was my better judgment I brought kitty home and was excited to surprise Reagan because I know he loves cats. He can't remember a time when his family didn't have multiple cats. In the few hours before Reagan got home from work, this kitty followed me around like I'm not kidding I used the term "Puppy dog" to describe it. When I sat she wanted to be near me when I walked around she was curious about what I was doing and followed. In a short few hours a bond was formed between me and Ayla. I believed that the newness of being in our home would wear off and she would move on. She never has to this day no matter where either Reagan or I am she is no more then 5 feet away. She gives me morning snuggles every day, and the second one of us is having a down day she is on it making sure we feel better. Also she doesn't beg for our food, thats a welcome change from my dog days. She isn't very photogenic so excuse the crumby photos. Clearly her placement went from temporary to PERMANENT we love our Ayla! 

standing on her hind legs for prolonged periods of time is her best trick :)

She is the perfect black cat... and LOVEs the colors orange and black

She thinks she's human

Now of course our year wasn't all roses and sunshine, however at the end of the year we look back and see what stood out and its mostly smiles. We grew, we improved, we got bumped and bruised along the way, and in the end while other years seem to fade I feel that 2015 will always be a year to remember. 

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  1. Wow! That is a wonderful write up and the photos of you two and decor in your house look beautiful.