Friday, March 20, 2015

A Night Worth Remembering

When titling this I first put "A Night to Remember", and then I felt like that name was given to too many Proms to make it a suitable title. Although rarely do I have times that I feel are worth writing down and remember. Against popular belief this has zero connection to anything romantic either.

This evening I was asked to open Home and more specifically my personal restroom to a string of strangers for several hours. Its really not as strange as it sounds but instead of going into those details I'll share the experience I had.

Between people walking into my home embarrassed about "intruding" and me being overly explanatory about it being okay, vulnerability came into play. I was vulnerable to those coming in, and they were vulnerable because they had a basic human need and instead of being able to wear blinders use a public restroom and go on with their day they were met with my gaze and conversations ensued. So many interesting conversations.

I met a man with an illness that has controlled his whole life and listened to him joyfully explain whats great in his life, and the things that he cherishes.

I saw friends and even family members from years past.

Met people who seemed more or less not noteworthy at all. except they were.  

At the end of the night I was left uplifted, and feeling light. I loved every minute and every awkward beginning to each conversation. I wish it was simpler to drop our guards and move forward with knowing those around us.

It was an enjoyable evening, and I didn't write about food.

You're welcome!

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