Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A lesson in identities and food.

A few years back I became friends with a girl named Brandis. I remember going to dinner with Brandis and she explained to me that she was a pescatarian.
"A what?!" I asked. and she explained that she was mostly vegetarian but would also eat Fish. 
here's the deal I've met many people since, who say they are vegetarian but also eat fish each time I follow that comment up with clarifying that they are pescatarian. 
They usually respond with something along the lines of ' well yeah but most people don't know what that is.' and I always just kind of thought well how could they if everyone who is, goes around not actually explaining what they are. We will all continue to go around oblivious to this small fact that is easy enough to explain.

pescatarian: (n)

one whose diet includes fish but no other meat
There we go, now you know what a pescatarian is. Don't feel bad if you didn't know its probably because no one explained to you what it was because they didn't want to have this conversation. Also spell check doesn't even recognize the word.  

Now onto the food portion. because I always have a food portion. 
For fun and just to see if I would survive I went a head and participated in a pescatarian diet for a couple weeks. Our experience taught us a lot. I semi forced Reagan to participate in it with me. 
Lucky for him he actually likes fish and I went out of my way to cook shell-fish for him because I'm allergic. 
First the stuff I liked.
We made really yummy whole wheat fettuchini with multi colored tomatoes cooked down into a sauce with bell peppers and Zuccini. it was YUMMY!!

 I added a spiniach salad that I dressed with a home made feta vinaigrette.
We did Lox and Bagles and I learned that I'm okay with Capers but don't LOVE them.

and now for the stuff I mostly didn't like at all.

I made a curried quinoa, I really thought I would love it. Reagan did, but I really really didn't it was upsetting. I love curry I never thought I could do me wrong. I liked it so little I didn't even take a picture. 
Then I met my first ever Plantain. and while it was "okay" I think I'll stick with potatoes. although I did make it in coconut oil with sweet potatoes and I loved the sweet potatoes part of it. 

At the end of the couple of weeks I looked back on my diet and realized that being a pescatarian and or vegetarian does not by any means make you a healthy eater. I ate everything from vegetarian sub sandwiches to homemade fatty fatty jalapeno mac n cheese to Pizza's.

I got bored of eating. seriously. I bought loads of things to cook. and I cooked them all but I was just bored. I did use my trusty blender and had loads of smooties and those are always good. 

However at the end of the day I think I just am not interested in the amount of work that goes into making food that really wasn't all that interesting. 
I now know I can, and I now know I didn't like it.
Also you better believe that I informed everyone in my path about what a pescatarian is. 

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