Friday, December 26, 2014

Nothings "Alright", Everybody's Happy!!

2014 (The Year of the Weddings)

This past year cannot simply be summed up by a flip chart that Facebook can generate, nice try, but no cigar!
Now I won't give you a day by day account but we'll hit the big stuff.

This year began with a bang! I was newly engaged and had no interest in actually planning a wedding. Coming off of the heels of my bestfriends wedding the past December she made it look so easy and it was a breeze to participate in! I knew I wasn't going to be able to mimic it and stay as calm as she seemed to be.

 Luckily my little brother felt the need to leap frog me by getting engaged later and married earlier. It made a big difference to put some energy into his wedding and see the ins and outs with  learning eyes. They also chose my same colors so it was fun to watch how they handled the color scheme first.. and steal a couple things as well of course!

It was a splendid day.. also happened to be a very cold day in late April lucky them!

After that I couldn't put off planning my wedding any more. as much as I would have liked to, but thankfully I had a batch of women at my side helping me every step of the way. 

Thank heaven for them because with out them June 14th 2014 may have been the death of me... I'm never getting married again! Sheesh! 

I am so grateful that I did get married the one time however because, well, I sure do love this guy! We are so very different in so many different ways, and that has helped both of us grow in 
areas we never knew we needed to.

The whole experience was loads of fun! From having friends come near and far and participate in the day itself. To being able to chill afterwards on our little mini moon in beautiful San Diego!

After the wedding Is when the real work began! Oh did I mention that I am done with 2014?? well I'm done with it. If I never saw it again that would be great! We had a blissful 5 weeks after our wedding to have no stress and just chill and then Real life hit.

I learned what its like to make tuna sandwiches every working day for 6 months. Unfortunately I don't think I'm done with that just yet. Reagan did agree to allow me to mix it up occasionally so that he doesn't get mercury poisoning.
Helping him get through a very physically and mentally demanding academic program was proving to be quite the challenge. 

Long story short I'm done with 2014 and to give the title meaning I will say nothing is "alright" necessarily. 
When I think of the year we had and the many many years to come and all of the schooling Reagan and I both will have to go through in order to be at a point that we might be able to say we're living the life style we would like to, I shake my head and sigh. Its a lot.

But Everybody's Happy!

Aside from the physical sickness' that decided they needed to surface in the last couple weeks of the year, Reagan and I are very health. 
We're grateful to have one another and to be able to continue on in the Journey together, and to have a partner my favorite team mate if you will, I feel like I can calmly and sanely discuss things with. I can get a little a head of myself sometimes, maybe even freak out a little too much over something small.
 I am so grateful for the calm head Reagan is constantly able to maintain! 
He's a sweet heart for sure. 

I'm grateful for the growth I have made this year and the love that was felt all through out the year.
I look forward to what 2015 promises!! 

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