Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bringing in fall... with food. Of course.

I constantly have this plan to post something that isn't centered around food. 

I just cant seem to do it. Its basically the only thing in my life that I think would be exciting to the masses. That's assuming masses of people read my blog. 

I have been writing this in my head over the last 4 weeks or so. 

We will start with Camping.
 I haven't done this I want to say since I was 17. Its just not something that is all that accessible to me. However my real neat sister in law has all the cool stuff necessary for camping so we decided to go as a family and camp up near Payson. 
It was Wonderful! 

We got to drive up with two of my nephews who tapped into Reagan's inner nerd and I think they all were loving every minute of it! 
Also side note that weekend I got to pick up a pink box full of treats from the boy's annual bake sale. These boy's are soo cute and wanted to earn money. Instead of setting up a lemon-aid stand or a typical bake-sale outside of a school or park they sent out order sheets a week or so in advance and filled orders.... Smart, you don't waste supplies, have left over baked goods. and the recipients had something to look forward to for a 
week or so!! 

All of the treats were great too!

Back to camping.
We set up camp and participated in a laborious meal and then hit they hay. 

The next morning we took Canoes out on the lake and after an initial dunk for some amateur 
canoe-ers we spent the rest of the morning happily on the lake with out any other casualties. 

Also I bought Reagan this Batman shirt a week earlier and Reagan makes sure to don it at least 2 times a week. He's about the level of a 5 year old. 
But he's darn cute while doing it. 

The weekend was going so well. I was a little nervous because I was told that I was partially responsible for making sure my 2 nephews don't come back home in body bags because their parents weren't there. (I will admit one of the kids was on the canoe that got dunked... shhh) 
 I was hyper vigilant that no kids got anywhere near the fire, and pots on the camping stove. I succeeded at being able to keep the kiddos away from it. However just moments after handing hot pads to my Dad to take a pot off the stove I walked right over and wrapped my little fingers around the VERY hot metal handle. 

It was 2nd degree but after about 2 hour of constant burning it just kinda went numb.
so that's good. Right?!

All in all it was a great trip and I want to go back! (when it warms up)

Okay on to the next adventure. During our camping trip we did  Dutch oven pizza's they were GREAT! and I took some of the extra dough home. 
Here's the deal I have never successfully made home made pizza. 
I always kind of hate it. 
But with the right home made dough (Thank you Brooke/Brooke's Brother), I was able to create what is now going to be a real staple in our home! 

Blackened Chicken and Yellow Tomato Pizza 

Stretch out dough
Add favorite sauce to dough
Pre-grill Chicken with Emeril's Blackened season, dice small, spread on sauce
Sprinkle small layer of favorite pizza cheese over that
Slice and add Sun-burst tomatoes 
Add Diced Peppers and onion.
Cover with cheese to taste.

Baked at 550 degree's 15-20 minutes check for browning.

Margarita Pizza

Bake with tomatoes for 15-20 minute at 550 degrees 
Add chopped fresh basil after you pull it out of the oven. (the heat from the pizza will cook the basil flavor into the pizza) 
I think this would have been better with fresh mozzarella but I this is what I had, and it was still great!

Finally the most important part of bringing in fall was HALLOWEEN!
 I love Halloween, not the spooky parts, just the fact that I get to dress up and be around friends. 
This year we were Barney and Betty Rubble from the Flinstones 
(we were just missing our Fred and Wilma). 
I am happy to say that I actually made our costumes from scratch. Please note that they aren't all that fancy, but I did it!

Also (more food) I have always wanted to win a chili cook off! Its just one of those weird things I have always wanted. I did it!! I was so excited, but once again I can't take all the credit, Its my Brothers recipe that I tweaked a little but not enough to call it mine. Either way I was beyond excited! 

Welcome Fall! you can stick around as long as you like!

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