Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lets Talk Gender Roles... and My Time in The Kitchen this Weekend

Now I take absolutely no offense to women who want to broaden the world of opportunities offered to women. 
I love that I have a job that I get to go to and have never even once contemplated having to "prove" as a woman I have the ability to do my job. 
That is all thanks to the trail blazing bra burning women who paved the path for me. For them I am eternally grateful!

 However I must admit that my version of feminism is glorifying those natural talents that I have and coincidentally some are very typical of a human that has estrogen.

This week I have fallen in love with being a women in many ways. 
I am VERY excited to someday be a mother, and yes the plan is that I will stay home with my young for a time. 
I'm equally excited to, after being a stay at home mom, return to the work field. 
Basically I'm excited to live! 

But the one thing I love more then anything else is the euphoria that comes from being in the kitchen. Make all the jokes you want about me someday being the proverbial woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. 
I will be all too happy to be there.

Last night Reagan shared with me his thoughts on me constantly being the cook. He said "You know what a good indicator is that a wife is a good cook/ feeding him well?? The husband never opens up the fridge"
(He never knows what we have in the fridge... "We have milk?!")

I promise some day the honey moon phase will end and he'll be responsible for his share of cooking. At this point however unless its served cold Reagan has no clue how to prepare and cook food.
Trust me his smoothies are to die for! but with his rigorous work schedule he would die if that was all he had to survive on. 
So until such a time when he isn't burning 7000 calories a day I will be preparing steak, pasta, and tacos to keep him alive. 

SO all of this is leading into the most exciting thing of my week! 
Growing up I hated waffles... They were disgusting.
LOVED pancakes, but hated waffles. 
Imagine my surprise when I grew up and all of my friends were the opposite.  
I realized its all in the batter, sorry Mom, but our waffles were TERRIBLE! 
(don't worry the pancakes were bomb!)

I made it my mission to find/ create a home made waffle recipe that I would for ever love! 
and after years! we're talking 6 years or so..
I have finally found a recipe and adapted it to make the PERFECT waffles! 
I have never been happier. 

I used this recipe to base it off of! 

Even after tasting the batter un-cooked I could tell I was on to something! 

They always say the first waffle isn't as good but this one was PERFECT! 

Now don't mind the sloppy-ness
But really?! 

Now my obsession with cooking didn't begin or end there this weekend. 

I'm going to blame Serena McRay for having me over for  breakfast last Saturday where her husband made whole wheat waffles (very tasty). 
Also followed by watching "The Hundred Foot Journey" together (I highly recommend it!) 

I was all about cooking!

 Saturday: for the LDS Women's Meeting  (speaking of empowering women) 
My Mom came and watched it with me. On a high from the movie, I made chicken coconut curry 
(not pictured Sorry we devoured it too quickly to even snap one shot)

Sunday: was the previous mentioned waffles 

Lastly Monday: I made my first ever batch of home made Mac and Cheese. 
I know Mac and Cheese seems so simple right?! 
I have always been petrified of taking it on (that and it just seems highly fatty) 
I swallowed my fear and went for it 

Putting together what I've observed of how others do it like my dear friend Bethany Maroney and my limited knowledge of how cheese and milk work I kinda just threw it together. 

"Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Mac n Cheese"

The one thing I would have adjusted was the amount of Jalapeno I would put in. There was next to no flavor from it. 
Otherwise I was quite impressed.

I will forever be grateful for my freedoms and the many roles I can hold as a woman. 
But the one I will always cherish is my role as a home maker. 

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