Monday, September 22, 2014

What does a Mormon do in Las Vegas?!

What does a Mormon do in Las Vegas Anyways?! That was the question I was met with just about every time I gleefully expressed my excitement for my trip this past weekend to Las Vegas and St George UT.

Well when your husband is from Las Vegas the very exciting and large Las Vegas gets a little larger and more exciting. Did I go to the strip? Gamble my life savings away? Visit club after club? No. (I guess technically we did drive down the strip so that I could have at least that much of the LV experience to say that I did.)

The Main event this weekend was Reagan's 10 year class reunion. He's an old man for sure now! He was so excited to reconnect with all of his dear friends from years past. I was excited to dip my toes into his past. 

First off we decided to stay at an old friend of Reagan's parents house. When we got into town we got to visit with our host and she was quite a joy to meet. She spoke in such a way that made me feel like I was peering into the future and blissfully meeting my future self. I'm positive if we were young together we would have had compatible personalities. I'm always torn when I take trips between "seeing the sights" and just being with the people who are there. This was no different I was just trying to soak up every minute with "Mama pookie" and her kids before taking off for the main event!

So this whole 10 year reunion thing really freaks people out. I mean really, I had the privilege of going with my sister to hers 2 years ago and again this weekend to be with Reagan (who tried to keep a cool head, but I'm pretty sure he was a little bit freaking out). Both experiences helped me walk away with a well rounded opinion of what to expect in 2 years when I go. 

First off 3 or 4 months in advance you get a FB invite to attend the 10 year reunion for Class of 20??. I think the general reaction is "Holy Crap am I that old?? I don't feel that Old!" " I'm not a millionaire yet?!" or "I'm not married with 2 kids yet!" or "I never graduated college!" or "I gained 40 lbs" or "I still live in my grandma's basement." 

Which is then Followed by " I wonder where so and so is that girl was going places" or "Man I hope my ex is there so he can see how smoking hot I became" or "I only really have one friend I want to see there So I'm not sure if I want to even go" 

And then we finally settle on "Man I really do wonder who would be there, Maybe I'll just drop in for a minute and say a quick hello and then get myself to my couch with ice cream and a movie"

The next couple months will be ladened with reminders that its coming up and a small twinge of anxiety will hit which you will quickly push away and focus on something else. 

Finally the day arrives. the clock moves SOOOOOO slow! you distract yourself by working a little or meeting up with that one friend you stayed in touch with since high school to rapidly gossip and give predictions on all the other people you graduated with. Then you gather up the courage to get in the car and go. That drive is real fast, like unexpectedly fast, the one time you hoped for traffic and there is none, all green lights! Heart pounding up in your throat, finger tips loosing all sensation. Here it is the moment you've been waiting for since graduations 10 years ago. The moment to broadcast to the world what you're world has been like with out them! The following hour to hour and a half is blurting out how pleased you are with the path you have taken and how any other path wouldn't have worked for you. Those around you will be doing the same thing justifying why the proverbial path of graduate from high school, graduate from college, become a professional, get married, buy a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs and begin on a family wasn't for you. 

But don't worry everyone, hang tight, the best is yet to come!

somewhere around the two hour mark the reminiscing starts, and the conversations really begin! the comfort sets in and then all of the sudden that feeling of excessive cold (in the 100 degree heat) goes away and an overwhelming feeling of being wrapped in a blanket creep in and you remember that everyone in there is a human being. They have all struggled in one way or another. They have also had success in one for or another. At the end of the day you walk away with a feeling of love and appreciation for everyone in that room. The reminder that everyone there came from similar beginnings, and have a greater understanding of who you are because of who you were is all you need to remember that all of the petty gossip and falling outs that happened in high school don't even matter because every has become a grown adult. Because of everyone in that room, and where you all came from, you are on the path you are now, and that path is exactly where you want and need to be. 

So to all of you future 10 year reunioners out there. Take a deep breath! Its going to be great!! 

And our final destination for the weekend was visiting with Reagan's family! 

I think I easily get more excited to visit his family then he does. See for him he's had 28 year with them! Me? I've got lots of catching up to do! I love my new family. One of my favorite things was when I met them a year ago was the feeling of home I had, that certainly hasn't gone away! 

Visiting with the Family definitely won for this stop we showed up at the house and didn't leave! (no sight seeing for us, also we were exhausted) which gave us the fun opportunity to hang out with Reagan's Sister who was being "deaf" for the day as a school assignment. It was fun to communicate in more creative ways. ( It also reminded me of my need to actually learn sign language as I have my own nephew whom I want to be able to fully communicate with through out his life.) Anyways, This stop was easily my favorite! (I mean the observations I made the night before at the reunion were fun and all, but as Reagan will tell you that part was all for him) We watched my favorite Harrison Ford movie "Sabrina" with the Sisters, and slept out under the gorgeous sky with beautiful weather all around... well until it started raining. It was blissful!

If I had to score this weekend it would get an A+. but next time I think we'll take more time because 3 day's was RUSHED! 

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