Monday, June 18, 2012

New laughs, New loves, and New adventures.

Hello?? are you still there? I am surprised if you are. its been a minute since I have even had a minute to breath let alone to blog. bravo to you for sticking around. 

let me tell you In the past month I have had the privilege to both be visited by and to visit relatively new loved ones. Siblings crossing major thresholds. I have begun a new adventure with school. and even a (old) new adventure with living arrangements. 

Meet Brynn
worlds best creep :)

I suppose I will start from the top. My new adorable friend BRYNN came to surprise visit her best friend who lives in Tucson, who is a mutual friend that I adore! so that is how we met :) Clever little girl she is. I love finding people who are just as driven by being sneaky as I am. Her surprise went off with out a hitch which is marvelous. 

In the in between time of her friends work schedule and other adventures I got to hang out and get to know her. I am always curious about new people and what they can add to my life (very self serving I know) anyways. Since her (what seemed to me like a whirlwind) visit, I have decided she is just a splendid, lovely, magnificent daughter of God. I cannot wait to see her again (probably around August/September!) and I am just so excited to see what new havoc we can wreak!!  

LINKY BUCK GRADUATED!! now I realize I can't go around calling him Linky Buck in public, for he is 18 and hanging around The Tute ( a place where us cool Mormon kids go to meet other fly Mormon kids). but for the purposes of this blog he is Linky Buck, he will never know... 

For def's the best sisters EVA

Just as it was the morning after the Cholla High School Graduation of 2006 (Germany trip), 6 years later I was mounting a plane again.. this time for a slightly less awesome destination. But a WAY more awesome adventure!


I am sure if you know me or if you stick around long enough you will take note of my lovely adventures with and love for the one and only Gabe Sargeant. 
Its Wilma and Betty!
 Ann Shirley and Diana
Ginger and Maryanne
What an Iconic pair we are (Red Head and Brunette!) We were surely bosom friends paired together at heart from the beginning! don't ask us what we think our pre-mortal existence was like unless you want an ear full! we tend to be pretty silly (in the most respectful way possible of course).

I flew my little toosh to South Carolina for an extended weekend chalk full of fun food and laughs. 
I flew into Charleston where we stayed at just the loveliest of hotels... or something 

Here is where you will find the lovely Mob boss menacingly interrogating me in this adorable Puke green hotel room. with curtains from 1974. Don't worry that we were on the ground level with an external window exposed to any passerby. Fear not however Gabe was on it. She had me sleep Closest to the door ;). But as an added measure of protection she made sure to move the chair in front of the door so that if someone broke into the hotel and my blood curdling scream wouldn't wake her the crashing of the chair surely would. 

What do two girls who have no idea what to do in charleston SC do on a thursday night??

Eat our weight in Ice cream of course! 

and go shopping.  This wall won my heart!! 
Inside White House Black Market. 
I want my office to look like this someday
(not to mention That it looks like Regina's office in Once upon a time).

The next morning we woke up at a leisurely hour, and spent the day wandering down town Charleston it was a very cute town. and loads of Sweet grass baskets... yeesh!

The trees 

The Battery

I made the great mistake of going on memorial day weekend. 
(one word of advice from me to you, If ever you want to visit 
Myrtle Beach DO NOT go on memorial day weekend) 

It was in fact Black Biker Weekend. this means exactly that. Black people, Hop on their Motorcycles round up a gang. and ride up and down the main Highway there. I have never seen a) so many black people b) so many motorcyclists in my life!! and c) traffic was crazy (its a little bit frightening to have motorcycles all over the place)
Call me politically incorrect, But they are the ones who have deemed that the title of the weekend not me!

But other then the above mentioned unpleasantries the company while I was there was splendid and the adventures we went on were fantastic. Like she took me to a candy shop with seriously the worlds largest Rice Krispy treat. It took everything in me to not buy it. 

and a trip with Gabe isn't complete with out a sushi stop!

To add to all of the above. We spent our evening just lounging giggling and cooking. This girl puts me to shame in the kitchen. If ever I have need of advice I go to either Bethany, (a serious outer worldly creature in the kitchen) and Gabe, who also blows me out of the water with her talent. 
My pallet was never board and always pleased. 
she even allowed me to join her in making Brownies. While they were not "THE BROWNIES" they were second best and that was splendid!

And she has the cutest Kitchen :) love her Kitchen aid!

I loved every minute of my time there!
I cannot wait for us to reconnect in August!!

And in other more boring news: I have taken on the task of a summer school math class. this is an entirely new adventure for me. but thus far it hasn't been so terrible! My teacher is great and I actually enjoy the rush of high pressure and fast pace of this course. crazy I know!

Also I have decided to move back into my parents for the summer to save a little cash. WEIRD! it is very strange to go from being all on my own essentially. To being "one of the clan" I think that is why families are built one child at a time. I am struggling with wanting my independence back. I apparently really liked all of my own responsibility. :) its okay now I know and I move back out august 1st :)!!!

August is going to be a great month!!

because I am now living back home (which is a solid 45 min from EVERYWHERE) and am at school for 3 solid hours every day of the week save friday, and am still working full time. and after on average 13 hours in the car for commuting. I feel like you might get the gist of why I haven't had much time to stop. I have calculated it out to see I have 43 hours to myself in a week, subtract the 18 hours I somehow find myself still busy on my "day off" and daily that breaks down to 4-5 hours broken into 3 parts of my day... I am TIRED just let July 2nd come and my life will amend itself :) I never realized how much I value my time!

Sorry this one is soo long, slightly packed and kinda boring. but I just had to catch you up! (who ever you are).


  1. Good Travel log,I felt like I was traveling through time a space. lol.

  2. Dang I just wish that I had in fact traveled through time so I could take credit for that. But thank you just the same:)