Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The twelfth of May.

We like, we like to party! I like, I like to party!

Things that fuel me: Water, food, and Party Planning  (and execution). I would like to say that I am pretty good at this hobby. I will let you all make your own assumptions, I won't be offended I promise.

I like to do themed dinner parties, they are in fact my favorite. In 2011 I was able to pull of 5 different country/region dinner parties. Last year in may I successfully pulled of the obvious choice, a Cinco de Mayo celebration, it was a HIT, great laughs and fond memories to be had by all.

This year I am a tid bit lame in the party throwing aspect of my life but I knew there was gonna be no way I would let May fly away uncelebrated! So we did it, Mexican food and drinks came from all over, and a bucket of blood sweat and tears was left behind by me. I cannot tell you how much I don't wanna see another corn tortilla again in the next year! (yes I will be over this by next May. Don't worry where ever I'm at, Which ever city I am in there will be a third annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. I deem it so now!!)

Here we have my lovely siblings who came to help make seriously the best Guacamole ever! 
(L-R Nabeha, Sariah, Lincoln)

This is my SCARY attempt at tres leches cake. It actually tasted great. but looked pretty horrific! 

Amy Flood- displaying her fabulous food.
 (Lincoln and Brandon are both honing in on the picture)

These people = a good time for sure. 

Ohhh but don't worry, you thought I forgot to mention. The best thing about this party is, you don't actually have to be in town to join

This my friends is the fabulous Gabe Sargeant Skyping in from Myrtle Beach SC
It was an absolute pleasure to have her in attendance even if it was over my phone screen.

Thank you to everyone who made this night go so well, and made my life 5000 times easier! 
I love you all!

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