Monday, May 7, 2012


Sometimes I get a "wild hair" and decide things will be a good idea and that everyone 
should just go along with me on it.. 
and yes there is often a tune in my head when I decide I'm about to do something.
more often then not the song in my head is none other then

Fiona Apple's: Extrodinary Machine

No this is not the actual music video, they don't actually have one, but enjoy what you've been given. 

Just know that when I am plotting and scheming this is the anthem playing in my head :)

So on to the main event! 

The not so "wild hair" that I got was actually fulfilling a part of my calling.

Lets back up for .25 seconds and let me tell you about my calling in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I am the proud mama of a Family Home Evening group In a singles ward. Which means that when there is a party to throw I get to plan it. Now on to a little something about myself, I LOVE to plan things. anything and everything! It's sometimes can be equated to an addiction, and I probably should seek professional help. But that is for me to figure out another day :) for now just know that I was in heaven when they said "we are planning a dance, Clary you are in charge of desserts and decorations". You best be knowing that the synaps' in my brain were working like rapid fire! 

My project: Make Asia Romantic
Pros: Asia is already very charming, Decorations alone will bring in the lovin don't ya agree...

Sorry about the picture quality but you get the idea.

Cons: Asians do not do sweet stuff! (take it from me I have two Asian roommates and one is very keen on telling me every time I eat some sort of baked good, that I eat a lot of sweets. oh but don't worry I am a good influence on her.  Each of us just finished downing a big bowl of Ice cream with strawberries and chocolate sauce I am so proud!!) 

So I go for the next best thing that I can think to make that will incorporate both Asia and American satisfying desserts.
Candy Sushi!! 

"What's that" you say?? well let me tell you!
It is all the glory of candy and sweet stuff that we love formed into 
what looks like Rolls of Sushi. "Genius!!" you say?? I know, I know. Thank you, Thank you!
But alas I cannot take credit! I found it on a blog years ago. 

Lets Begin, you take the following:
The fixins for rice crispy treats (Jet puffed marshmallows are a must!)
Fruit Roll ups (green preferably but any flavor will work)
and any sort of soft chewy fruity candy of your choice!

Make your self a giant pot of crispy treats :)

Lay out a line of Fruit roll ups like so 

Play childishly with crispy treat mixture :)

press rice crispy into fruit roll up to give image of sticky rice in sea weed,
then add said fruity chewy candy to center. 
Now begin to roll! 

Once done it looks like a giant sushi roll you take this roll 
and slice vertically every inch to make little sushi pieces!


Please note: this is not a wise daily treat to have. It is chalk full of sugar, carbs and calories. but it is fun to make on special occasions. 

You are now a sushi making PRO! congrats!! 

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  1. So clever. Next time I see sushi, I will at least investigate if it is fish or candy! LOL. Joke was on me!