Saturday, May 19, 2012

And we have a winner!

So I like my friends. A LOT! I have been blessed with several great people in my life. I recognize it daily! so when people have birthdays I like to go as "all out" as possible. One person that I love dearly would be the one the only...

(Brandee Palmer)

So I set out on a culinary adventure. I have never made a successful ice cream cake before. but I felt like I should give it a try for Brandee. 

Step 1: If I was gonna have any sort of success with this I was gonna need to make a phone call 
to non other then the master of the kitchen her self. You all think I 'm good??
I bow to this woman. 
I praise her to no end
The one and only 

She is a very wise girl, Honest if she hadn't given me a few key tips I would have had yet another
Ice cream cake disaster. 

Best tip right here: use a spring form pan, and line it with wax paper. spoken like a true kitchen hero!

Next tip: buy the cheap ice cream in the boxes

it was suggested to cut it into pieces to mold. 
I just liked how soft it became in a short amount of time. I was able to mold it how I needed it. 
I decided this was gonna be a cookies n cream ice cream cake. so I took loads of Oreos and had my way with them :)

Crushed them

Mixed them into the ice cream.

Then I pressed the ice cream into the pan, and placed the pre baked cake over 
the bed of home doctored cookies n Cream ice cream

 I then set it in the freezer over night.

I made my very first (mostly successful) batch of home made butter cream frosting
quite tasty!

The cake was then frosted, and the top was garnished with more Oreos 

And this is the result of one very happy birthday girl! and her cake :)

Note: I couldn't tell you first hand if any of it tastes good. For you see it was being devoured at such a fast rate, that when I decided I was to have some there was only a quarter left, and from where I was standing all I could see was one very sorry looking Lincoln Brown standing over one very depressing pile of ice cream cake smeared on the ground :(. However I did hear good feedback!

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  1. HOLY PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! In true Clary fashion, it looks professionally done. Girl, I am SO impressed! Glad I could help!