Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a mess!

It was a sight to see I'm sure. There I was singing my heart out at stake conference today. standing there like a ding bat when I realize I was the only one in a choir of about 40-50 holding my music in my tacky black folder. In a sea of white I was the Black Sheep (Pick out the nube why don't cha!) When I realized it, all I could do was OWN that Folder try and act as confident as possible in my decision. No one really noticed at that point I am sure. However a few short seconds later what does Clary do but some how scratch a scabbed over pimple from a few day's before. (WHAT ON EARTH WERE MY HANDS EVEN DOING BY MY FACE?!) as I sit down I feel a tickle on my cheek. As I go to investigate sure enough a good streak of blood trickling down my face. I was a MESS! seriously I would have loved to of been the girl on the front row thinking who let that girl out of there house this morning?! As I sat trying to reverently clean up what I could with bottled water and a tissue. I seriously was fidgeting more then the 6 year old I was so keen on watching through the rest of the conference.   

I seriously felt like a Clutzy over emphasized Holly Wood depiction of myself! Like I said it was a sight to see, of this I am sure!

With all of that Aside the Music we sang today was really magnificent. Brother Inagi and Brother Hayashi are masterpiece makers. Seriously! they always choose the most beautiful pieces! My favorite from todays was "Oh Light of Life" by David Warner


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