Sunday, April 22, 2012

The people on the bus go...

A little over 3 years ago I got in a car accident.. It wasn't a terrible car accident. in my opinion it wasn't even noticeable. At any rate the dingy repair place told me my cute little "Red M&M" was totaled!!

This is clearly not my car... my car is gone gone, but this was what it looked like. I'll be honest I hated it at first, but grew to make loads of memories, and love even its misshapen form.

I was somewhere close to 20 yrs old, and believe it or not had never once in my life ridden public transportation. honestly it wasn't until my Junior year of high school for like a month that I even re-call riding a school bus.  

I was petrified to mount the city bus that first day after I had to return the sexy little Mazda I got in place of my car for a week. After I climbed in and my little heart settled down, I realized how very exciting the next chapter in my life (all be it very small just under a month) was going to be. I, Clary Brown was placed in the middle of little America! people of every race, gender, and walk of life imaginable ride the bus. My mind was a BUZZ with all of the people watching potential!!!

Something to know about me. If I can see you I wanna know your story, if I have heard about you I wanna know your story. I am convinced If I give enough time to anyone on this planet (with translators of course for those who do not speak english...) I am bound to find something I love and adore about them! People watching isn't just a hobby of mine. ITS MY LIFE! 

I know that every person on this earth serves a purpose. It may not be made evident to you, or me, but I know there is a reason. Our lives are like finger prints each life is unique and belongs to you and only you. 

Along with that Human interaction fuels me!!! I absolutely love watching the way people interact with one another. we are such an interesting species. One year someone got me a gift that I don't think they even knew how perfect it was for me. 

a book called Other People's Love Letters

This book is full of hand written letters, typed letters and photograph montages made to express peoples love from one to another. (my favorite is that there a few break up letters, SCANDAL!)

and if you know me you should know that I love hand written snail mail. Almost as much as I love breathing. I keep every letter ever written, every passed note in high school, every Love letter. These are the people I love and that love me (and in some cases people who don't love me at all :) ). I wanna keep the memory of them with me for always.


When I was visiting my dear friend Gabe (it's a girl, her name isn't Gabby, or Gab. It's GABE :D ) in New Hampshire/Boston, we went to the cutest little thrift shop that sold bundles of legit letters that had been sealed stamped and sent from back in the day. there were a few different back and forth letters from lovers, to mothers and child, to siblings. they were seriously the coolest thing to find. I wanted to buy one of the bundles between a Margaret (he affectionately called her Maggie) and Harold, Written during WWII 

My hope is that one day my grandchildren or great grandchildren stumble upon letters between me and my dear friends and future sweet heart, and they can appreciate how absolutely charming it is as well.

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