Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's all about ME!

Recently I have been driven to think about me. Which is a lot more difficult then you would expect. At any one given time do you think that you could come up with 3 things about you on the spot?? and even when you do, give it a little while 5 minutes, an hour, a day, you will come up with so much more that you would have rather said. Something that would encompass a better image of who you really are, and what your life's mission statement is.

One of my least favorite thing is when you are in a "getting to know you" setting of sorts, and they ask you to stand and state your name, your origin (school, city, ethnicity) and 1 interesting thing about yourself. Are you joking me?!?! I spend all day er'ry day with myself!  you think that in the 23 almost 24 years of my life I can pick out 1 just 1 interesting thing about myself that is gonna capture my essence, display it to you in a way that will get you to keep coming back for more?? I think I'm the freaking bee's knee's. Everything I do is the most interesting thing about me. I drink water like a BOSS! (please note that I did in fact just take a swig of water, and never has anyone ever shown more class ). when ever I am put in those situations I wanna tell the director or whom ever is requesting my performance, that I am flattered at there interest in my ever so intriguing life but, they are going to have to try a little harder if they wanna possess the "goods" on me!

I bet you won't be able to guess what I like even less then the aforementioned pleasantry's. ONLINE DATING! Please spare you and me both the embarrassment of you (anonymous male) trying very hard to reach into my soul, and heart of hearts, through your QWERTY keyboard. You're making a mockery of what I admire so dearly about finding that sweet 4 letter word "love". Those poor unfortunate experience are laced inside and out with those stupid get to know you questions. I cannot express how much I despise the idea of some one I have never met trying to get to know me through simple facts about myself. Its in the physical communication of two humans meeting and being so drawn to one another through some unworldly connection that you cannot explain with words.

Ahem  (calming down now) I just don't think that you can get a real read for someone's character with out being able to experience there countenance, ya dig?? The sweetest experiences we have in life are the un-scripted spur of the moment occasions that mold who we are. you cannot grasp that even in the slightest through the interweb. I am sorry. Its a fact. at least with me. that is all....

Can you tell I recently had a bad experience? anyways, at the end of this very heated discussion I am hosting with myself I will bid you adu, and thank you kindly for your time.

Hats off to you old friend,
Clary B.

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