Thursday, April 26, 2012

The cool kids.

Thats right I roll with them... The cool kids that is. 
I'm not sure when it happened or how. 
I was never the popular one, the pretty one, the rich one
the only thing I had going for me was I was the weird one.
 (and on occasion the chatty one)

But all of the sudden I got to college and "weird" is in. 
you think I let that boat sail with out me. Heck no!
I jumped right on! 

It certainly led to some pretty awesome finds.
like people that when I say hey lets walk to a convenient store 
( each of us being on average 20-25 yrs of age, and we ALL own cars)
They say YEAH! 

You say that's juvenile?

We say:
Field trip!!



                                   Rocked that walk!!  

"you gotta burn the calories to earn the calories!"

oh and we earned em!

my friends are by far the coolest cats on the block!

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