Monday, February 13, 2012

I can't contain it any longer

I have always had a secret love for clothing that is slightly different, that sets me apart from the rest. I wear heels tastefully but a little taller then most, and definitely not your regular black white and brown. I wear dress' that make me stand out in a crowd, in my opinion there is nothing worst then blending in. (except that I had a secret idea to pull off the age old cartoon look and wear the same outfit every day until people started to notice, but that is beside the point.)

So there have been two things that have been just possessing my mind lately. that would be the awesome pair of Blue shiny heels I discovered in my web browsing today...

And nextly but definitely not lastly. I encountered the most happenin woman the other day. She had style that I could only dream of having. she was sporting a bright yellow shirt (which someone told me recently tells people that you are confident in yourself.) which I thought was mega awesome! then I beheld her legs and they were Legin... wait for it... dary! What up!

She was wearing the most fantastic Pair of RED pants I had ever seen. They were these pants:

But an even better color of red, Similar to this:

Ugh! needless to say I was in love!!!! there are few people in this world who can make me feel that way about their pants and this woman had it! I don't know what it was, but she had it!

The fashion bug has bitten and I need to fix these urges QUICK!

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