Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peanut butter!

If you really wanna hear about it I'll tell ya.

But only if you really wanna hear about it

Other wise I'm just telling you what I think while watching you not care.

But If we have gotten this far I suppose you really wanna hear about it.

Peanut butter is the BOMB! It might be just me but If I start my day with peanut butter on toast or waffles or something It just promises to be the best kind of day.

Lets break it down.

Why is peanut butter so good. First lets talk actual nutritional facts. Its full of fiber and protein. This being said if you start a day with peanut butter it promises to keep you full. A full belly is a gateway to a better functioning brain. Lending to better judgement. Good Judgment leads to successful day's!! also the way it melts on toast just tastes sooo dang good!

So there it is the scientific reason's why I love peanut butter. and on a less healthy related note, any chocolate candy is good. But when you add peanut butter to it, it's then instantly made 10X better!

The End

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